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Institute for Ageing and Health, Newcastle University

Rapid increase in the world's older population has brought outstanding opportunities for interdisciplinary research on the biological, clinical, social, technological, economic and other factors associated with this 'demographic transition'.

The Institute for Ageing and Health was set up in 1994 to address these needs and brings together basic, clinical and social scientists in research on ageing, age-related disorders, and the health and welfare of older people.

Aging Research Centre


We are dedicated to providing a service that allows researchers in this field to find information that is related to the study of the aging process. We also endeavor to introduce this field to laymen who would like to know more about the research that is being conducted in this field.


We are engaged in many areas of research such as systems biology, brain imaging via automated imaging microscopy, the study of neuroendocrine changes in the hypothalamus, whole body scanning systems, the study of an entire organism as it ages and the effects of hormonal changes on the aging process.

Institute of Gerontology, Kings College London


Gerontology is the study of the processes of ageing, the institutions related to ageing populations and the needs and circumstances of older people. We aim to promote the understanding of ageing and later life and to develop the means of improving the well-being of older people.

Aging Research Center, Karolinska Institute, Sweden


The primary goals of the ARC are to (a) carry out and support high-quality aging research from a medical, psychological and social perspective; (b) advance multidisciplinary efforts in research on aging; (c) offer graduate students a high-quality education in a stimulating environment; (d) foster collaboration with aging researchers in Sweden and abroad; (e) develop cross-links between available data sets; and (f) direct the acquired knowledge into interventions.

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